Storms come with various hazards, but the cleanup is also dangerous. There are hidden dangers, like mold, moving heavy objects, and chainsaw-wielding.

Mold can cause respiratory issues, and moving weighty items may lead to back strain and other injuries. Improper chainsaw use may lacerate users when it kicks back (recoils).

Professional storm damage tree removal services can do all the cleanup. But they can handle all your fallen trees, so you stay safe.

There are many reasons to call emergency tree services. Keep reading to learn why calling professionals is better than attempting to clean the trees yourself.


Cleaning Trees Ensures Yard Health


Trees damaged by storms are prone to rot, which encourages fungal growth and tree diseases. Leaving a downed tree can spread these fungi and diseases throughout your yard.

The best solution is to remove the tree before it can cause harm. Please note that homeowners insurance coverage does not cover rotting trees.

Storm damage protection pays for trees that fall due to weather-related complications. You have to pay for a standing rotting tree with your funds.


Downed Trees Can Cause Property Damage


Storm damage tree cleanup is vital to preserving your home. Fallen branches often land and hang from fences and roofs. They can clog gutters and cause mold due to the dampness tree sap can stain if left for too long.

Don’t rely on rain to wash away the mold and sap stains. Remove branches in the gutters so rain doesn’t accumulate on your roof. Standing water can seep into your roof and damage your home’s interior.

Leaving branches near other wooden fixtures (like outbuildings and fences) can introduce termites.


Downed Trees Can Block New Construction


Fallen trees are problematic even if they’re not causing property damage or spreading fungi. Sometimes, you may need to rebuild or repair buildings and structures after a devastating storm.

Fallen trees and branches often crush things during storms. Not only does this damage property, but there’s another issue. The tree is now blocking new construction. Removing the tree allows builders to do repairs.


Professionals Have Experience and Expertise


We mentioned that tree removal can be harmful to you. However, there are other reasons to call emergency tree services for aid.

A professional team can remove branches threatening powerlines and nearby property. They can check how healthy your other trees are after the storm. The removal team can prune other trees if need be.

They’ll generally do a faster and better job cleaning debris than you can. You can handle other affairs after the storm while they concentrate on your yard.


Hire Storm Damage Tree Removal Services Today!


Calling storm damage tree removal services helps your yard recover after severe weather. Emergency tree services have the skills to assess and remove fallen trees.

Homeowners can trust Grace Tree Service to deliver reliable, professional storm damage tree cleaning.

We’ve worked in Kokomo, IN, for over 20 years providing citizens with our 24-7 emergency cleanup services. You can reach us via our contact page or by calling (765)-419-1313.