Trees are an important part of maintaining the world’s ecosystem and releasing oxygen into the air. They can help your yard look more vibrant, and they really help to fill out larger yards.

However, they aren’t always welcome in most yards and can sometimes cause problems. Tree felling is a business that exists in towns and cities because homeowners would need specialized equipment to do it themselves. Instead, you can call on a professional to get the job done the right way.

Here are some reasons why you may need to call a tree feller to cut down trees on your property.


Safety Purposes


The first reason why you may need to fell some trees is to make your property safer.

For example, your area may suffer from severe storms with high wind speeds. Any trees in your yard suddenly become a hazard because the wind can knock off branches that will collide with your house. In more serious cases, the wind can even uproot trees.

If a tree is naturally leaning, then it may need to be felled before it falls and hurts someone.


Control Pests


Pests are another problem for homeowners. Trees are natural homes for mites, moths, fruit flies, and more. You may need to fell a tree if it has become infested so it won’t spread to other trees nearby.

Make sure your tree feller removes the stump as well, as it can become a breeding ground for fungi and garden pests


Thin Out Trees in an Area


Many trees naturally disperse seeds so more can grow. Unfortunately, this means that certain areas of your property may become too crowded. This can cause parts of your yard to become more shaded, which may cause problems for any plants underneath them.

As such, homeowners may want to fell trees to clear out an area and improve the view of their property.


Remove Diseased Trees


Trees with diseases are another threat to the various plant life in your yard, much like those with pests. They’re often contagious, which means you could very well see other trees begin to die as well. On top of that, these trees may fall on their own and cause damage.


Roots Invading Septic System


Finally, you may want to remove a tree from your yard to protect your septic system. Any trees close to your pipes in the ground may cause damage to them. Their roots grow towards moisture, and they can slip into any cracks in the pipes and cause them to become clogged and damage them.

While there are ways to kill tree roots, felling them is the more permanent option.


Tree Felling Made Easy


Tree felling may be a necessary evil if you want to save the rest of your yard. However, it’s not something the average homeowner will be able to accomplish on their own.

Grace Tree Service has been in business for 20 years and comes with a fleet of vehicles that help get the job done. Our services include tree removal, trimming, and stump removal. Get in touch today to let us know what you need.