Trees are one of the most important parts of our natural world. They clean air, filter water, and provide natural habitats for animal wildlife and other plants.

Having trees in your yard boosts curb appeal, but a leaning tree can quickly become dangerous. Read on for some signs that you need to hire tree removal services to contend with a damaged tree.


1. Too Much Leaning


Leaning trees have curving trunks because they grow toward the sun. They change their growth patterns because they require more sustainable sunlight to survive. The roots holding the tree in place and providing them nutrients will accommodate this… but only to a certain extent.

When a tree is leaning at about 15% from a vertical position, the roots will likely begin to weaken. As the roots weaken, the tree won’t get the nutrients that it needs from the soil. It will become brittle as it dies.

This increases the likelihood of random branches falling or even a snapping trunk. It’s best to remove it as soon as it gets to this position.


2. Leaning Is New and Sudden


Some trees don’t start to lean because they need more sunlight. They lean because an external factor like a windstorm applied pressure to them. Snow is another possible reason for leaning trees since buildup applies weight and pressure.

Unless your tree always had a slight tilt, it’s critical that you consider removing it. Storm damage can seriously weaken a tree’s foundation and make a previously healthy tree a liability.

It’s especially important to consider this if the tree is in a high-risk location. Branches hanging about your driveway or the roof of your house need to go. So do trees with parts that hang over areas where children and pets play.


3. Signs of Leaning Tree Infection


Like people and animals, trees can contract infections that negatively impact their health. These infections kill the tree quickly and make it brittle and breakable. Because they often hollow out significant parts of the tree, the trunk and branches can’t take pressure anymore and will likely fall.

Deep cracks in the tree’s bark and soft and crumbling wood are signs of an infection. If fungi appear in large quantities, this is also a likely sign that your tree is dying and needs to be removed. Animals living inside the tree, emerging holes, and a significant number of woodpeckers also mean that the tree is likely hollowing out.

You also need to call in the pros ASAP if branches start randomly falling off the tree. This is especially true if it isn’t growing leaves anymore. These are signs that your leaning tree has died and become brittle enough to cause damage.



Call in Landscaping Care Services


A leaning tree can become destructive and dangerous extremely quickly, so it’s important to get professional removal services as soon as you notice a problem. Now that you know some signs that a leaning tree has to go, it’s time to begin talking to the pros.

Contact Grace Tree Services to protect your Kokomo home and prevent damage from falling foliage and collapsing branches.