Studies have shown that “wind-related tree failures” have killed hundreds of people in the United States in recent years. With extreme weather on the rise, many are investigating tree removers to ensure the safety of their families. If you decide to do the same, how can you ensure you are hiring a reputable company that will do a good job?

The following are some of the best questions you can ask anyone you hire. They will help you separate the wheat from the chaff so you can get the best service possible.

1. Do You Have the Appropriate Licenses?

You need to know that the tree removal services you hire have the appropriate certifications to work in the Kokomi, IN, area. If you do not, then if something goes wrong, they might not have insurance coverage to reimburse you, and the state might even consider you liable.

Ask to see any licenses they have, and make sure the location is a professional one to get the best chance of a high-quality job.

2. What Is Your Level of Experience?

While many a tree removal company has existed for a long time, it is a lucrative business, and more pop up every year. Those who have been around longer will have more experience with the tree removal process. Thus, they will be able to deal with unexpected problems.

Make sure whoever you work with is a long-standing professional with plenty of positive reviews online. This way, you can know they are going to offer you the same standard of work.

3. Can I See Some of Your Previous Work?

Tree removal, especially stump removal, is a messy business. When done wrong, it can cause huge amounts of damage to the land. When done right, it can result in a garden that looks like no tree was ever there in the first place.

Ask to see photos, or a portfolio, of work they have done in the past and judge them on how well they did.

4. How Do You Work Out Costs?

Getting a good estimate for the cost of removing a tree allows you to make better budgeting decisions. If you find two otherwise equal tree removers that have different prices, you will want to go with the cheaper one. Asking about cost calculation up-front also helps you avoid hidden charges.

So, ask how they work out what their prices are before you hire them, and ensure you get full transparency on any work they are about to do.

Finding the Best Tree Removers

With these questions, the tree removers you choose will no doubt be a great option. Still, phoning up all those companies is a real hassle, and it might be best to call up someone you already know will provide you with a great service. This is where we come in.

Our tree removal services are second-to-none, and we can talk you through what we offer. So, pick up the phone and ask the questions above today to find out why we are the best choice for you in the Kokomo, Indiana, area.