A recent study showed that trees impact the value of a home each year by $31.5 billion. This is because buyers consider homes with a tree to be more desirable.

The downside to having trees on your property is that you may end up with a stump. If you chopped the tree down for some reason, a rotted tree stump might be left behind.

This is a landscaping flaw that you may want to address. There are multiple reasons why a dead tree stump should be removed to make way for other landscape features.

Keep reading to find out why you shouldn’t leave a rotted tree stump in your yard.

It’s a Landscape Hazard

The number one reason to remove a rotting tree stump is that it is hazardous. Smaller stumps can become very hazardous to people who may be in your yard.

This includes you and any landscaping professionals you hire. If you have children, they may also run into the stump or trip over it, injuring themselves.

A tree stump is a safety hazard, even when it comes to garden landscaping. It will be difficult for you to maintain your yard when you have to work around this stump.

If you run into it, it could damage your garden machinery. Many a lawnmower has bit the dust because it picked a fight with a tree stump.

This will only add to how much work your yard will take. It is much faster if you have a clean surface instead of working around a single object.

Tree Stumps Can Start New Growth

Even a rotted tree stump has the potential to form new growth. Trees are surprisingly tough, and new shoots can start to take form at the top of the stump.

This will only make the tree stump look even more unappealing. These new bits of growth will also take away from your soil’s nutrients.

It will drain vital nutrients from the rest of your garden. This can make it difficult for nearby plants and grass to flourish.

If you want a new tree in that spot, it is much better to simply plant a new tree. It will look much nicer and grow in a healthier way.

Lower Home Value

Having a rotted tree stump in your front yard is an eyesore. This significantly lowers your curb appeal as it is the first thing people will see.

If you want to sell your home, this can also pose a problem. Homebuyers aren’t going to be as interested in a home that has a dead stump in the front yard.

This is just one more thing they will have to address with their own money. Having a problem like this can make it more difficult to sell your home or get your asking price.

Wasted Landscape Space

If you have a front yard, you probably want to make it look nice. After all, this is one of the first things people see about your home.

You could have a beautifully maintained yard, but a tree stump will ruin that. It is also taking up valuable space where other plants could be.

You could plant a new tree in that spot or have a nice flower bed. This is especially important if you have a small yard that is already limited in space.

Garden Pests

A dead tree stump is also a breeding ground for garden pests. Pests will be attracted to this since it is an easy source of food.

The main concern about this is that it can attract termites. But a rotting stump can also start to become a breeding ground for ants, beetles, and other undesirable bugs.

These pests can start to damage the rest of your yard as they spread out. They may even make their way to your home, getting inside.

If left unaddressed, you may have to hire an exterminator. This is an added cost that you could have avoided by removing the stump altogether.

Fungi Growth

A decaying tree stump is a great place for fungi to start to grow. There is a variety of toxic fungi varieties that are attracted to this type of spot.

Fungi pose a health risk to anyone near it. But it can also start to spread across the rest of your yard, killing your plants and destroying the soil.

How to Remove a Rotting Tree Stump

If you are ready to remove the rotted tree stump in your yard, there is an easy solution. Removing a tree stump is no easy task and isn’t the greatest DIY project.

For this job, it is better to hire a company like Grace Tree Service. This company provides professional tree stump removal with experienced professionals.

They will be able to perform tree surgery to remove the safety hazard in a few hours. This is the best choice if you want the tree stump gone before it causes more damage.

You should have this done as soon as possible. If you are having a tree cut down, it is always best to have the company also remove the stump.

Rotted Tree Stump: Why it Should Go

If you have a rotted tree stump in your yard, you should address this issue. A dead tree stump can attract all kinds of insects and toxic fungi into your yard.

Are you interested in hiring a tree stump removal company? Contact us today at Grace Tree Service to receive a free tree stump removal estimate.