Trees planted on the property around homes have collectively increased property values nationwide by $31.5 billion. So if you want your home in Kokomo, IN, to increase in value, you should plant some trees. However, this is only the first half of the equation.

Once you have trees growing on your property, you will need to take care of them. Trees require regular pruning and trimming to grow their best.

Enjoy these benefits when you make tree trimming an essential part of your yard cleaning routine.

Eliminate Hazards

Neglected trees become a hazard for everyone. Dead branches become weak and can easily fall from the tree. This happens particularly often when there are winds and storms.

The branches can get knocked loose and fall to the ground. This presents a risk of damage to your vehicles, fence, and home when they fall. They could also injure someone should they be standing under the tree when the branch falls.

Unfortunately, the risks are bigger than this. If the tree is large, the branches could hang over your home. If the branches fall, they can cause significant damage to your roof and the structural integrity of your home.

The tree could become top-heavy and unbalanced if the roots are weak. Then, instead of a branch falling, the whole tree could fall on your home.

Regular seasonal trimming removes the dead branches. This reduces the risk of injury or damage.

Regulate Sun Exposure

When you cut branches to thin out the tree, you allow more light to filter down. This helps the tree grow by helping more of it get exposed to the sunlight. It also allows for more light to reach the ground.

If you struggle to grow plants around the base of the tree, trimming can help address this. The increased sunlight will help dry out the overly saturated ground. It will also give much-needed sunlight to ground-level plants.

Maintain Healthy Trees

Regular tree maintenance helps you have healthy trees. Regularly pruning and trimming promote growth. Removing the struggling or unwanted branches helps the tree focus its efforts elsewhere.

In addition, your tree will develop new growth. Typically, this happens around where you trim. However, this varies based on the type of tree.

Over time, regular trimming can help you grow more lush trees with branches full of leaves.

Improved Curb Appeal

The curb appeal is the first impression that your property gives. Untrimmed trees look neglected. If your property looks overgrown and messy from the curb, people will assume the neglect only worsens when entering your home.

Trimmed trees look nicely formed. A professional tree trimmer is familiar with different tree species. They can advise you on the best approach for trimming your tree into its ideal shape.

Increase Property Value

If your property looks run down and neglected, it can decrease your property value. However, simply cleaning up your property and trimming the trees can drastically improve the look of your property.

The manicured property improves curb appeal, which in turn increases property value. According to a study by Virginia Tech Study, landscaping can increase your property value by 15%.

If the trees line the street, this has a stronger impact than trees placed further back on the property.

The View

If you have a property with an impressive view, your trees could detract from it. Large trees are great for creating privacy, but this also means they are good at blocking your view. Tree trimming can allow you to open up the space.

Homes with a view can command a high value. However, this only works if people can actually see the view. Keeping the trees trimmed will help boost your property value if the selling point is the view.

Create More Landscaping Space

A large tree with branches spreading out wide will prevent you from having manicured landscaping around it. First, a large tree will block the ability of other trees to grow.

One tree will take over, preventing the other trees from growing. This results in stunted trees that just look like they are struggling.

Second, a large tree can hinder the ability of smaller plants to grow. First, there is the sunlight issue already discussed. Then there are the ground issues.

A large tree will soak up all the water, making it harder for the small plants to get water. In addition, its roots will extend out through the soil.

This will make it harder for other plants to establish roots or get nutrients from the soil. Tree trimming and cleaning will keep your tree in check, preventing it from taking over your yard.

Prevent Pest Infestation and Disease

Trees can get sick, just like humans. Regular pruning and trimming help to prevent a complete tree infestation. If this happens, it can kill the tree and require tree removal.

Trimming can also prevent a problematic tree from spreading its issue to other trees. A professional tree trimming service can diagnose your tree’s problems. They can advise you on the best treatment.

Budget Management

Paying for regular tree trimming is more affordable than paying for corrective trimming. Working with a tree trimming service gives you a long-term plan for your tree. This makes routine visits shorter, requiring less work, and more affordable for you.

A neglected tree will require more extensive work. In addition, it is potentially more dangerous for the trimmers and more expensive for you.

At worst, a neglected tree will die and need removal. This loss will significantly impact your property’s look and landscaping.

Schedule Your Yard Cleaning

If you have trees on your property, you will benefit from tree trimming and yard cleaning. Having professional tree trimmers do the work ensures your trees are taken care of. Our team is experienced and knows how to make your trees look great and grow even better.

Schedule regular tree trimming services to ensure the trees on your property are happy and healthy.