Are your trees looking a bit worse for wear? Luckily for you, we are currently in the midst of the tree-trimming season. Whether you have young or mature trees, winter is the best time for corrective pruning.

Tree pruning is an essential annual activity for all homeowners and not just for aesthetic purposes. Pruning is an essential part of caring for a tree. What’s more, tree trimming can help you protect your home and the people inside it.

Yet, many homeowners forego this critical yearly task. Why? If you have not taken advantage of trimming services before, you may think tree professionals are too costly for you.

What is the cost of tree services like trimming and pruning? On average, professional tree trimming services cost around $475. Keep reading this guide to learn about the low-end and high-end costs in your area.

Tree Trimming and Factors

The national average for trimming a tree is around $475. On the low end, customers can expect to pay at least $75 for the smallest of jobs. Major work may cost more than $1,200.

However, the exact price you will pay depends on various factors. These factors include but are not limited to the following:

  • The size of the tree
  • The number of trees you need trimmed
  • The type of tree

Other factors like how accessible the tree is, the tree’s health, and whether or not there is a pest infestation in the tree can also drive up the cost.

Tree Trimming by Tree Size

Tree size is typically the most important factor in the cost of trimming it. In general, tall trees are more expensive to trim than short trees. There are a few reasons for this.

First of all, tall trees are more dangerous to trim. You have to pay for the increased risk the tree professionals must face to get the job done.

Secondly, companies need specialized equipment to trim very tall trees. You have to recompensate the tree trimming company for the use of that equipment.

But what exactly is a tall tree vs. a short or medium-sized tree? A small tree typically measures up to 30 feet, a medium tree measures between 30 feet and 60 feet, and large trees measure 60 feet tall or more.

Small trees cost around $80 to trim. Medium trees cost a bit more at around $160 per tree that needs trimming. And large tree trimming costs $200 or more per tree.

Cost by Number of Trees

Most homeowners need more than one tree trimmed. The more trees that need trimming, though, the higher the total price you will pay.

So, say you need three small trees trimmed. And say your local tree trimming company charges $80 per small tree. In this case, you would pay a total of $210 for tree services.

Some tree trimming professionals may offer discounts on the more trees that need trimming.

Cost by Type of Tree

Some tree trimming companies may cost by tree type instead of tree size. The most common types of trees the majority of US homeowners come across include oaks, pines, and cypresses.

Oak trees are typically the most expensive to trim. They typically grow to be 50–70 feet tall and have very thick branches. As such, you may pay anywhere from $200 to more than $1,000 to get a single oak trimmed.

Pine trees have the widest range of tree trimming costs. That is because these trees can grow to be anywhere from 10 feet to 250 feet tall. Smaller pines may cost less than $100 to trim, while tall pines may cost as much as $1,800.

Cypress trees tend to be on the lower end of tree trimming costs. You may pay as little as $75 to get a small cypress trimmed. The tallest cypresses should not cost more than around $1,200.

Other Factors Affecting Tree Trimming

The number of trees, as well as the height or type of tree, are the most important factors in tree trimming costs. However, the following factors may also impact your total cost for tree trimming services:

  • Trees located next to homes and/or power lines cost more to trim
  • Trees located deep in the woods are less accessible and, therefore, more expensive to trim
  • Unhealthy trees are less stable and riskier to trim, driving up the cost
  • Trees inhabited by pest infestations are also less stable and riskier to trim, driving up the cost

Not sure which of these factors apply to your trees? You can call a local tree trimming company like Grace Tree Services in Kokomo, IN, for a quote.

The Benefits of Tree Trimming

Getting your trees trimmed may feel like an extraneous expense, but it is an essential part of responsible homeownership. Here are just a few reasons why.

Tree Trimming Prevents Damage to Your Home

Dead or damaged branches can be a major hazard to your home. They can fall on your roof, causing costly damage. This risk is even more serious for homeowners in areas where thunderstorms or earthquakes occur often.

Getting these dangerous limbs trimmed can protect your home and your loved ones.

Tree Trimming Helps to Keep Your Trees Healthy

Trees have the capability to live for thousands of years. Yet, most trees only live for hundreds of years, or not even that. That is because most trees get damaged or diseased before they can live out their full lifespans.

Taking care of the trees on your property can help your trees live longer. Tree professionals can help shape the tree, improving its strength and longevity.

Looking for Tree Professionals in Kokomo, IN?

Getting a tree trimmed costs anywhere from $75 to over $2,000. The exact cost per tree will depend on the size or type of trees that need trimming. The total cost will depend on the number of trees that need trimming.

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