Tree removal has 15 times the fatality rate and 3 times the nonfatal injury rate of all other industries. It’s a dangerous but necessary business.  Leaving stumps in your yard reduces curb appeal and messes with your landscaping. They’re a fall hazard, can harm your car or mower, and harbor pests.  Read on to learn about 5 tree stump removal mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Cutting Too Close or Too Much

Cutting too close to the ground can make a tree unstable. Always go six feet away from any potentially unstable surface.

Cut no more than 1/3 of the circumference of your tree. Otherwise, you could weaken it or cause it to develop stump rot.

2. Not Considering What’s Around It

The stump removal process presents a danger to you and your yard if you’re not careful. Mark out the location of important elements such as the roots of your favorite plants and the rest of your trees.

3. Removing a Rotting Stump

Removing an old tree isn’t as simple as it seems. It can take a tree stump up to 10 years to rot fully.

Until then, it still has a root structure that creates weeds. It becomes hollow and attracts pests and rodents. Removing a rotting stump too early is one of the most dangerous tree stump removal mistakes because the tree can collapse anytime.

Wait until it’s completely dead before trying to remove the stump. There are ways to speed up the process if you want it out of your yard right now.

4. Choosing the Wrong Stump Removal Method

There are several stump removal methods to choose from, including:

  • Digging
  • Using Epsom salts or chemicals
  • Grinding
  • Burning

Burning is fast, but it presents a fire hazard, and the smoke can become a nuisance. Chemical removal is inexpensive but slow. Grinding is one of the fastest options.

5. Trying to Do It Alone

Stump removal is too dangerous and difficult to attempt on your own. Always hire a professional to make sure that it gets done effectively and safely.

They’ll always have the right stump removal equipment to use for your job. A chainsaw is a common option because it’s more powerful than an axe or hatchet and produces less dust.

They’ll also know how to keep themselves safe. They’ll have the right stump removal protective gear, including masks, goggles, gloves, and hard hats.

Where to Find Professionals to Help You Avoid Tree Stump Removal Mistakes

Tree stumps are small but dangerous hazards that need to be removed before they begin to cause falls or harbor pests.

Be careful how much you cut and consider what’s around it. Always choose the right removal method. Don’t remove a stump from a tree that’s in the process of rotting because it could fall at any moment.

One of the most common and dangerous stump removal mistakes is attempting to complete the job on your own.

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