You can find thousands of tree removal companies in the U.S., but did you know that 49.8% of their work is residential?

Homeowners hire companies to trim, prune, and remove trees when needed. In fact, you might need to hire a tree company if you want to remove a stump in your yard.

What methods of tree stump removal do these companies offer, and which is right for your tree stump?

If you’re curious about these things, continue reading to learn about the primary methods used for removing tree stumps and how to choose the right option.

Use Epsom Salt

Some people prefer using at-home methods to handle the work they need around their homes, including tree removal. If you can relate, you might want to try to Epsom salt method.

However, this method doesn’t offer an instant way to remove a tree stump. Instead, this method requires waiting.

If you want to try this method to remove tree stumps, you’ll need some Epsom salt and a drill. You can begin by drilling some holes on top of the stump. Next, pour Epsom salt into each hole, filling them to the top.

Finally, you can pour some water into the holes to moisten the salt and cover the stump with a tarp. You can then check the tree stump every few weeks.

The goal of this method is to kill the tree stump, making it weaker and easier to remove.

Dig It Out

If you have small tree stumps, you can dig them out of the ground. This method works well for removing a tree stump that is 12-inches in diameter or smaller, but it doesn’t work well for larger trees.

When you dig out a tree stump, you’ll need a shovel and a lot of strength. You must dig all the way around the stump, ensuring that you sever the tree roots. Then, you can try to pull the stump up with a shovel.

Tree Stump Grinding

The best method for removing tree stumps is tree stump grinding. You can only use this method if you have the proper tree stump removal tools. However, most people don’t.

Therefore, you might need to hire a company that offers tree and stump removal services. They’ll bring the right equipment to remove the stump, and they can remove any stump with this method.

Tree grinding involves using a machine to grind the stump and surrounding roots. First, the machine grinds it up, making it easier to remove. Then, after grinding the stump, the company pulls it out piece by piece.

Hire a Company for Tree Stump Removal

While you could try the first two methods yourself for tree stump removal, you might find that removing it is too difficult. Unfortunately, tree stumps are hard to remove, so many people turn to tree experts for help.

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