Do you know what the most common myths about caring for trees are?  Trees are often more complex than people give them credit for. As a result, you can get a lot of sage advice from friends and neighbors that is outdated or misinformed. Following it could be deadly for your trees.  Even the tree care tips you find online could be full of misinformation. So as you search for “tree care near me,” you’ll want to watch out for these common myths. Keep reading this short tree care guide to find out what they are.

Myth #1: New Trees Have to be Staked

Some species of trees can indeed benefit from staking when they’re planted. However, this advice is not one-size-fits-all.

Unless you’re planting a tree in an area with high wind, staking shouldn’t be necessary. And even then, it’s better to plant the tree a little deeper so it can care for itself than to tie it to a stake.

Myth #2: Trees Should be Pruned Heavily When First Planted

Some people believe little trees should be pruned when they’re first planted. But in reality, it’s far better to establish trees when they aren’t pruned all the way back.

A tree needs a full crown of leaves and branches to capture as much sunlight as possible. This will allow it to produce food and hormones to promote its own root growth.

Myth #3: Pruning Causes Trees to Grow More Vigorously

While it’s true that tree trimming spurs local growth, it also diminishes the tree’s ability to photosynthesize. This is because pruning away foliage leaves the tree with fewer leaves to absorb sunlight.

To prune trees effectively, you must find a balance between maintaining leaf area and spurring growth.

Myth #4: Branches Should be Pruned Close to the Trunk

It’s tempting to try to make your pruned branches flush with the tree trunk, but this is actually a bad idea. Cutting close to the trunk can cause disease and decay, and can even kill the tree.

Instead, branches should be trimmed a few inches away from the trunk. It’s also worth noting that tasks like these are best left up to professional tree care services.

Myth #5: Branches Will Always Grow Back No Matter Where You Cut Them

Although it’s true that a healthy tree will regrow its cut-off branches, that doesn’t mean they’ll look the same when it’s done. Limbs don’t grow back in the same spot they were before, so thoughtless pruning can lead to permanent damage.

Myth #6: There’s No Need to Trim Dead Branches as They’ll Eventually Fall

This is another myth that’s technically correct, but its implications are entirely wrong.

While old, dead, and diseased branches will eventually fall from an otherwise healthy tree, they could cause severe harm when they do. Tree limbs can fall and crush houses, cars, and even people or pets. It’s best to cut them down early.

Myth #7: Tree Topping Improves Tree Health and Reduces Fall Hazards

This myth is simply wrong on both counts. The reality is, tree topping is harmful—even deadly—to all trees. It can also increase fall hazard danger rather than minimize it because new growth is often poorly attached to the tree.

Myth #8: Painting Tree Wounds Helps Them Heal

It’s commonly believed that painting a damaged or pruned tree can prevent disease and keep out insects.

However, a healthy tree doesn’t need any help repairing itself. Trees grow natural barriers to keep harmful tissues out. Interfering by applying paint could just cause long-term damage.

Myth #9: Filling Tree Cavities With Concrete Improves Recovery

At one time, filling a tree hole with concrete was believed to be a good idea. However, this practice actually causes abrasion from tree trunks rubbing against the concrete during high winds. In turn, this can cause decay and disease.

Myth #10: Trees Always Have Deep Roots

Many of us experienced a feeling of awe as children when we first learned that trees have complex root systems below the earth’s surface. However, those roots don’t always reach as far as we might have been led to believe.

In reality, although most root systems are wider than the canopy of branches above them, they usually stay fairly close to the surface. This is because the soil near the surface is looser, making water and oxygen easier to absorb.

Myth #11: Trees are Easy to Move and Replant

Many people believe trees can always be uprooted and replanted somewhere else, at least while they’re still young. While this is possible, that doesn’t mean it’s harmless to the tree. Transplanting causes damage to trees at any stage.

Where Can I Find Tree Care Near Me?

Now that you’ve learned about these tree myths, you should be prepared to avoid most of the bad tree care advice you might find.

That said, it’s safest to let a professional tree care service do the work. Caring for trees takes expertise, and without it, you run the risk of harming them.

At this point, you might be wondering: where do I find tree care near me?

For residents near Kokomo, Indiana, we’ve got you covered. Whether you have trees to be trimmed or a stump to remove, contact us now to get it done right.