While cutting down a large tree close to your house can help prevent damage to your home, stump removal is never part of the tree-cutting process. The remaining stump is usually a permanent fixture in the ground and can be unappealing.

Apart from ruining your yard’s aesthetic appeal, tree stumps can be a safety hazard to you, your family, visitors, and neighbors. Since you have a responsibility to keep everyone on your premises safe, it would be best to get rid of the tree stump.

If you have recently had a tree removed from your property, here are several reasons why you should consider professional tree stump removal services.

Tree Stumps are a Liability

Tree stumps are a potential tripping hazard. Anyone on your property, including children playing close to a tree stump, can easily trip and fall over the tree stump.

Since property owners have a responsibility to keep their visitors safe, you may face a lawsuit in case someone sustains an injury after tripping over the stump. To keep your yard safe and also save money, you need to have the stump removed.

Also, to avoid liability, ensures the tree stump is marked as a safety hazard. This will help warn people of the potential risk before it is removed. However, marking the tree stump may not deter children from playing close to it.

Therefore, the best solution is to remove the stump from your property as soon as possible.

To Prevent New Tree Growth

Cutting down a tree doesn’t prevent the stump from generating new growth. Since the roots of the stump are still on the ground, it can sprout new trees through its roots. The new growth will drain nutrients from the ground and cause other plant life in the yard to suffer.

As you water your grass, the stump will absorb most of the water. This means that as the stump’s spread worsens, your grass or any plant in your yard will not get enough supply of water and will disappear.

To ensure you completely get rid of the stump from its roots, consider hiring professional tree stump removal services.

Professionals have the best tree stump removal equipment and solutions. They will completely get rid of the stump and leave your yard safe.

Stump Removal Helps to Prevent Pests and Diseases

Apart from being a safety hazard, leftover tree stumps attracts insects and any other unwanted vermin, including termites. Termites are very destructive and can quickly move to your home and your neighbor’s homes.

Additionally, the stumps are vulnerable to disease and infestations. When this happens, the disease will also spread to other healthy trees or plants and can cause them to wither and die.

This is one of the worst side effects of tree stumps. Therefore, if you live in an area that is prone to termites, consider removing the stump from your yard immediately. Doing this will keep your home and other plants on your property safe.

Increase the Value of Your Property through Stump Removal

No one wants to see a less attractive and old tree stump in a property they want to invest in. Since having a lovely outdoor space is crucial when putting your property on the market, an ugly stump in your yard may lower your property’s value.

Stump removal will help improve your curb appeal and the overall appearance of your landscape.

Avoid Damages to Your Home

Since cutting down a tree does not remove its roots, the roots will continue growing. This can be destructive to the foundation of your house, sewer lines, and yard. Damages caused by tree roots can be very extensive and expensive to repair.

To prevent your home and also save money, consult the right experts and get the best solution to the potential problem before it is too late.

Grinding a Stump is Good for Your Garden

One of the best ways of removing a stump from the yard is grinding. Tree removal experts use grinders and other machines to take out the stump well. Removing the roots of any stump is never a simple task.

It is important to note that stump removal is not a DIY project. To ensure safety and completely get rid of the problem, it is best to hire professionals. Apart from preventing new growth, the stump grinding machine will create mulch, which creates natural landscaping and is good for your garden.

Grinding will also leave your yard even and flat with no pits. You will have a new space to plant some flowers and increase the beauty of your yard.

Tree Stumps Take Up Valuable Space

Having a big tree stump in your yard is not only unsightly, but it also takes up a lot of space. If you are a landscape enthusiast, you definitely don’t want to have such a dead space on your property.

Eliminating the stump will free up valuable space, which you can use to set up a picnic table, plant a new tree or add some more safe space for your children to run around freely. Note that tree stumps also make gardening chores such as weeding harder.

Stumps Can Damage Your Mower

Obstacles such as tree stumps make mowing the lawn very challenging. Also, the mower blade can strike the stump, causing it to be damaged. This can also send the broken parts flying in the air, creating a dangerous situation for anyone in the area.

Removing the stump will make landscaping easier and safer. Also, you will get rid of any protruding tree roots that may also damage the mower.

Consider Professional Stump Removal Services

The advantages of getting rid of stumps far exceed the cost. If you have recently removed a tree from your property and are left with an unsightly stump, you need to hire tree stump removal services. Removing tree stumps from your property will ensure you enjoy your yard without worrying about liability or other losses.

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