When your favorite tree falls over in a windstorm, you’re left with a tragedy and a mess. Gone are the memories of your kids climbing the tree, swinging from its branches, and enjoying the shade under it.  Even worse, you’re left with the cleanup of massive limbs. When you’ve finally cut up the branches and moved them from your property, you’re left with an ugly stump, a reminder of what you had.  A tree stump grinder can help quell your sadness by removing the stump without leaving a gaping hole. You don’t have to remove the tree roots to remove signs of a tree.

Professional tree stump removers follow a basic process when they’re grinding down your stump. Keep reading to learn all about what they do and why you should consider having professional conduct tree stump removal.

What a Tree Stump Grinder Does

Tree stump grinding is a simple process. The professionals use heavy machinery to literally grind down the exposed stump. The tree stump grinder has a rotating blade that cuts the wood into tiny pieces.

In a sense, the tree stump grinder is a mobile wood chipper except you don’t have to move the wood that transforms into mulch. When the tree stump grinding professional has finished, you’ll have a lovely pile of wood mulch you can use for multiple purposes.

The grinder can also grind tree roots at the surface or up to a foot beneath the ground. In the tree removal process, the grinder can grind the stump up to 16 inches below the soil line. This allows you to plant shrubs or plants over the area where you once had a tree.

Why Not Leave the Stump?

You could leave the tree stump if you like. However, doing so leaves an ugly chunk of wood on your property. It also will not re-grow the tree.

Rather, the stump will begin to decay. Fungus and mushrooms will grow from it. Ultimately, the remains of your tree will lower the value of your property.

If you have a large stump left, the foliage will grow from it. However, the foliage that grows is typically just suckers, willowy branches that do not form fully mature trees.

Furthermore, a rotting stump will attract unwanted pests like termites and wood ants. And again, this will lower the value of your property.

Call a Tree Stump Grinder

If you have a tree stump left on your property, call a professional tree removal expert. They will have a tree stump grinder that will leave you with a usable pile of mulch. You’ll have a piece of property where you can grow plants or shrubs.

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