Tree stumps in your yard don’t just look ugly, they can dive-bomb the selling price of your home or hurt the aesthetic of the immaculately manicured lawn you’ve worked so hard on. Curb appeal can affect the price at which you can sell your house by up to 11% and if you’re not selling, the neighbors might be giving you the side-eye!  While most folks will go for the less expensive method of tree stump grinding, you should also consider having a team of professionals remove a tree stump altogether.

It’s a Tree Stump, What’s the Big Deal?

First, let’s take a look at why you should consider removing a rotting tree stump in the first place. Hint: the return on investment is staggering.

It Looks Bad

You can dress up a stump with garden gnomes and mirror balls and all the plastic flamingos in Indiana, but that stump is still going to look a lot like lipstick on a pig. You will not only maintain your property value by removing dead stumps, but you will also likely increase your property value!

Put yourself in the prospective buyer’s shoes; you see the house online and drive a few hours to take a tour after making an appointment with the realtor, only to find a giant tree stump right by the back patio. That’s a poor first impression and likely to draw some skepticism since it wasn’t included in the pictures.

By removing unsightly stumps from your yard, you are also helping the property value of the entire neighborhood – which bodes well for you in several ways.

It Attracts Pests

Tree stumps can be a magnet for all kinds of creepy crawlers that you don’t want migrating into our home. Termites love rotten tree stumps, as do ants, beetles, and (gasp) snakes. Termites alone can take a significant bite out of the value and safety of your home (literally), while the other critters are unsightly and dangerous.

According to a leading pest control company, termites cost American homeowners an estimated 5 billion dollars annually. That is a far cry from the average $500 that tree removal costs.

It Is a Liability

Kids get into everything, right? Envision this: the grandkids are in the middle of a heated game of tag when little Sally trips over the stump and takes a header into the gravel in the driveway. Not a fun scenario.

Or let’s say you’re moving some new furniture into the house and your best pal Fred helps you out by hauling it home for you in his truck. You try to back him up to the back door when *pop* Fred blows out the sidewall of his back tire on that gnarly old stump. Fred is not happy.

Why Tree Stump Grinding?

Some instances and budgets call for a rotting tree stump to have a stump grinder work its magic. For starters, grinding tree stumps is pretty darn fun (if you like that kind of thing), but it’s also a less-expensive approach to stump removal, and it can have the added benefit of providing lots of organic mulch for your flower bed. Grinding tree stumps will work fine if you’re dropping trees out in the back area of your property or a forested area.

On the other hand, if the stump you want to be eliminated is anywhere near your foundation or a highly visible part of your lawn, you might consider another method. You see, when a stump is ground down, it doesn’t necessarily stop it from regrowing or stop its roots from growing outward. This can damage foundations, asphalt, and worst of all…mower blades.

Why Remove a Tree Stump?

Removing a tree stump is much more labor-intensive if you plan on doing it yourself. Be prepared to buy a bunch of hand tools and saws and to spend several grueling days digging, chopping, and cursing.

Once a tree stump has been removed, roots and all, you can forget about it and fill that hole back in. But not before you kill the stump with potassium nitrate, wait a year, buy a giant drill bit, and then hack the thing out of the ground.

Now for the good news. When you’re done, you can kiss that trouble tree goodbye. If any other pieces remain in the ground that you can’t seem to get to with brute force and anger alone – you can kill it the rest of the way with fire.

That’s a Lot of Work

Yes, it is w we’re trying to get to in this article. If the tree is killing your aesthetic or curb appeal, call a professional to get it completely out of there as soon as possible.

Call a professional if the tree is becoming Grand Central Station for termites or other nasty critters.

Call a professional if the tree roots are punching through your new paved driveway, and it keeps getting worse. Not to mention little Sally and the grandkids…and what about Fred?

Call the Authentic Tree Experts in Kokomo

Hey, we get it – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but make sure that you’re consulting with the real professionals in central Indiana. We’ll get your tree limbed, cut, bucked up, and removed as fast as the humid Indiana summer will allow. If you’d prefer us just to grind the stump, that’s fine too –  give us a call or visit our website to start the conversation today.