Did you know that the size of the residential landscaping market is roughly $105 billion?  A big reason is that it takes a lot of work to keep yards clean and tidy. For example, dead trees are a common sight in yards all across the country. But did you know that dead or dying trees can do a lot of harm? They’re not just an eyesore.

Here are some of the most important reasons to remove them from your yard.

1. Fire & Dying Trees

One of the most devastating things that can happen in your yard is a fire.

Whether it’s an out-of-control barbecue or a frayed wire, fires cause thousands of dollars in damage and often result in injury or death. Leaving dead or dying trees in your yard increases the risk of such an incident.

Dead trees often have cracks and dead branches, which can fall and ignite a fire. They also require more water than healthy trees. Because of this, leaving dead or dying trees in your yard places your home at risk for devastating fires.

2. Damage to Existing Trees

When you leave large sections of a dead tree standing next to healthy trees, you’re essentially inviting insects and disease into your yard.

For example, the emerald ash borer is a green beetle that damages and kills any tree it infests. If you have a dead or dying tree standing next to an ash tree, you’re essentially giving the bug exactly what it wants: a home where it can eat, mate, and eventually destroy your existing ash tree.

This damage can lead to bigger problems for you and your family. For instance, the emerald ash borer carries a fungus that can cause severe damage to anyone who inhales it. So not only is the beetle dangerous but so is any bug infestation it carries with it onto your property.

3. Attracts Pests

Many pests flock to dead or dying trees in your yard. They use the hollowed-out trunk as a home for their young or an entryway into surrounding living trees.

Leaving this type of pest control up to chance is a dangerous practice. For example, wasps often move into the abandoned tree and build a nest inside. If you’re not careful when pruning these trees, they could fly out and sting you or your loved ones unexpectedly!

It’s an important safety tip, but it’s also good for the health of your existing trees. Removing dead or dying trees from your yard helps you get rid of pests and prevent them from spreading to surrounding areas.

4. Falling Branches from Dying Trees

When left untreated, dead or dying trees are more likely to host other insects and animals that take up residence in the tree, bore into it, or eat away at its roots.

These creatures often cause cracks and holes in the trunk and limbs of the tree. As the tree decays, the weight of its branches makes it more likely to blow over in high winds or simply fall on its own.

If a large branch breaks off your tree during high winds or stormy weather, stay back and call a professional to remove it safely. You can also place a piece of plywood underneath the broken section of the tree if you’re trying to prevent accidents before calling someone in to help.

5. Invites Weeds

What was once a living tree with roots is now just an ugly weed-filled stump that’s an eyesore for any homeowner. If you plant grass around the dead tree, you’re at risk of having the grass grow up around it rather than away from it.

Leaving a dead or dying tree in your yard also invites other weeds to move in and take over the space where the old tree once stood. These weeds not only make your lawn look like weed central, but they can also be a pain to remove.

Other than pulling them by hand, the most effective method is using a chemical herbicide. You need to know where you’ve sprayed because if you kill grass, it gets replaced by weeds.

6. Expensive and Time-Consuming Removal Process

If you fail to remove a dead or dying tree from your yard, you’re going to need to hire a professional to take it down and dispose of the wood in an approved manner once it has fallen over.

Doing this yourself is time-consuming, dangerous, and can get very expensive. For example, you can expect to pay around $50 per hour when hiring a professional, and the average time they’ll take is roughly 2-3 hours.

If you have several dead or dying trees in your yard that pose a safety risk, you might need to call in the pros more than once.

7. Adds to the Cost of Homeowners Insurance

Most insurance providers offer discounts for homeowners who remove dead or dying trees from their yard or who have them professionally removed by arborists. If you fail to do so and a neighbor’s home burns down, you could end up paying the price for failing to remove trees from your yard.

Some insurance companies even have a clause in their policy that excludes coverage if a fire starts because of a dead or dying tree on your property.

Dead and dying trees pose a real threat to families who live in wooded areas due to their propensity to fall unexpectedly during storms or high winds. They have the potential to kill people, damage homes, and cause massive property damage.

With the risk factors rising every day, it’s important to act quickly and safely while taking these trees down. If you’re not up to the task, hire a professional tree removal company to do it for you. When they’re done, your home will be safer and you can take comfort in knowing that you’ve taken steps to prevent a tragedy from happening in your neighborhood.

Remove Dead or Dying Trees Today

If you have dead or dying trees on your property, don’t wait for them to fall. Take action now and make sure to have the tree removed by a professional before something goes wrong.

For more information about removing dead or dying trees from your yard, contact our expert team. We’d be happy to help you!