If you’re left with an eyesore of a tree stump after cutting down a tree, what do you do with it?  You can try to repurpose it somehow, turn it into stump furniture, a planter, or a garden accent. But if that doesn’t work for your yard, then you’re just left with an ugly stump. Not only that, but tree stumps are a tripping hazard and a hub for unwanted pests like termites.  It seems like your only option is to get rid of it somehow. But to remove a tree stump is not as straightforward as it looks. If the root system is still intact, you’re going to have a hard time extracting the stump out.

The fastest way is to kill the stump first, before proceeding to physical removal. Here are some of the methods that you can try on your own.

The Chemical Method

Unless the stump has rotted and decomposed, manually removing the stump will be very difficult. However, waiting for it to decay naturally can take up to ten years without treatment.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to hasten this process.

The first method is by using chemicals, such as Epsom salt, rock salt, or store-bought “stump killers.” Keep in mind that while this process speeds things up a lot, it will still take a month or two to see results. If you use Epsom salt, it can take six to twelve months to rot the stump completely.

Here’s how you do it.

Step 1

Drill deep holes in the stump with a power drill. Use the biggest drill bit you have, and space the holes as close together as you can.

Step 2

Pack the holes with your preferred chemical. After all the holes are packed, pour soil and mulch over the stump.

Step 3

Pour water over the mulch to help dissolve the granules. Also, soak the ground around the tree to saturate the soil. Cover the area with a plastic tarp to keep the moisture in and prevent rain from washing away the substance.

Step 4

Now it’s just a waiting game. Check the stump periodically and always keep it nice and moist by adding more water and mulch.

Step 5

Has the stump become spongy? You can now try to chop the stump up with an ax and remove it piece by piece until you completely remove the entirety of the stump.

Kill the Tree Stump With Fire

One of the quick ways you can try to remove a tree stump is by burning it. However, you may want to check first with your local government and fire department if it’s legal to burn the stump. In Massachusetts, for example, you’re not allowed to burn a tree stump to remove it.

But if you can get permission, you can start by drilling holes in the stump. Pour kerosene over the holes and soak the stump completely. Ignite it from a safe distance and just let it burn.

Once the process is finished, cover the remnants with topsoil.

Tree and Stump Removal: The Most Efficient Method

If these tree stump removal techniques prove too challenging for you, there’s one more method you can try. Bring in the pros! There’s no need to wait weeks, use power equipment, or light fires that may, in fact, be illegal in your locality.

Need help? Grace Tree Service Kokomo has years of experience doing this. Call us today for a free estimate.