Many homes are decorated with beautiful trees around their yard. However, without proper maintenance, these trees can become more of a hassle than they’re worth.  When do you need to start thinking about trimming your trees?  If you need a sign to trim the trees, you’re in luck. Here are a few indicators that signal you need to trim up the tree.

Why is Tree Trimming so Important & When to Trim the Trees?

Keeping your yard’s trees trimmed is important to keep your property safe. Should the tree become damaged or have branches snap and fall, your home and belongings could be at risk of serious damage. It’s better to prune your tree before it gets to that point.

Trimming your trees will also improve your overall health of the trees. Diseased or broken branches can decrease the tree’s health and could cause it to die. It’s better to trim up the tree and get rid of those unhealthy branches so that your trees can start to grow healthier.

Signs You Need to Trim the Trees

Now that you know why you should trim your trees, you need to know when to trim the trees. Pay close attention to these signs. If you notice any of them, you should get out your pruning tools!

The Tree is Growing Strangely

Trees can grow in all sorts of ways, leading to unusual and unique formations. However, misshapen trees can have a hard time growing and thriving. They are also prone to developing diseases in their limbs and broken branches.

If you notice that your tree is starting to form odd shapes, you may want to trim it so that it appears more uniform. This will encourage healthy growth and keep the tree from getting damaged.

Dead or Diseased Limbs

One of the main purposes of tree trimming is to remove any unhealthy aspects of the tree. That means if you see any dead or diseased limbs, you need to remove them as soon as possible.

Pay close attention to any deadwood or pests on your trees. These are potential signs of diseases within the tree, and can also point to insect infestations. If you’re ever in doubt, a tree inspector can come to examine the tree and verify if it is diseased.

Remember to act quickly if there are any dead or diseased limbs. The diseases can spread to the rest of the tree quickly, potentially resulting in the tree’s death. It’s much cheaper to prune the tree than to try and replace it later!

Broken or Breaking Branches

Broken branches pose a serious problem for your property. The moment a branch starts to break, your home is at risk of damage when the branch inevitably falls. To avoid hassle later, break out your pruning equipment and get to work right away!

Branches Hanging Over Power Lines

One of the worst things that can happen is for branches to fall on power lines outside of your home. This creates a hazardous zone right outside your home and could cause issues for the entire neighborhood.

If you have noticed a few branches getting too close to the power lines, you need to trim them down. To keep yourself safe, you should consider hiring a professional for the job. They will have the right tools and knowledge to protect themselves against electrocution and keep the branches from falling onto the power lines.


Having tall, gorgeous trees can be a wonderful sight on your property. However, trees that get too big too quickly are prime candidates for trimming. Overgrowth can lead to broken branches or other issues down the line.

If your tree has gotten a bit too tall or too wide, you should start trimming the branches. The more time the branches have to grow, the longer and heavier they will get; too much growth will lead to them breaking off on their own. It’s better to control how they fall ahead of time.

Cracks in the Tree’s Bark

Some trees will begin to form deep cracks along their wider limbs. These are indications of pest problems or diseases. If you don’t take care of the problem right away, the disease could quickly spread, leading to the death of your tree.

Keep an eye out for cracks and pests on your tree. If you notice cracks spreading along a limb, trim it as soon as you can.

When Not to Trim the Trees

There are certain times when you should avoid trimming your trees. Pruning at certain times can cause your tree to have a difficult time growing new limbs, and can even put the tree at risk for developing diseases!

Believe it or not, fall is the worst season to start pruning your trees. Trees gather as much sunlight as they can during the fall so that they can remain dormant and healthy during winter; in order to do that, they need their leaves. Cutting off branches prematurely can weaken the tree.

You should also avoid trimming the trees when it is wet outside. Even slightly damp weather can cause problems when pruning. Microbes use the moisture as space to grow; letting that infested water get onto a freshly-trimmed tree can spread diseases into the trunk or other limbs.

If you want to know when is the best time to trim the tree, wait until winter or spring. If you do choose to trim in the spring, wait until after the tree has fully flowered; that way, you can ensure it will grow nice and healthy!

Clean Up Your Outdoor Space Today

Now that you know when to trim the trees, you can help your yard look fresh and healthy. Remember, if you’re ever in doubt on when or how to trim a tree, call a professional for help!

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