Did you know that leaving a tree stump in your hard can cause damage to your home? Stumps take years to decompose on their own, and they attract termites that can and will migrate to your house. According to the USDA, over 600,000 American homes experience termite damage.

You don’t have to kill an unsightly stump. You can repurpose the stump and include it in your landscape or garden design.

Do you want to know more about how to repurpose a tree stump? Check out this guide for some creative ideas.

Tree Stump Furniture

When you remove a tree stump from your yard or garden, you have an opportunity to use the stump as a blank canvas. It is a big chunk of wood you can use to provide your indoor or outdoor space with a rustic touch.

You can strip the bark and finish a stump to use as a side table or bar stool. If you want to keep it outdoors, you can use a stump as a fire pit or garden chair.

Garden Accents

What’s your garden motif? An old tree stump removed from the ground presents you with an opportunity, especially if you’re a woodworking hobbyist.

You can turn tree-stumps into gnome houses, animal carvings, or other garden accents.

If you don’t have intricate wood carving skills, use old stumps as garden pathway pads. All this takes is a saw, sanding, and staining for a beautiful and natural pathway through your flower garden.


Get creative and repurpose a tree stump as a planter. You can even leave the stump in the ground if you follow these crucial steps to prevent pests and rot.

Start by chipping a planting hole into the tree stump. The perfect planting hole is about four to eight inches deep, depending on what you’re planting.

Once you’ve carved the hole, drill drainage pathways at a downward slope into the walls of the carved planting area. These pathways prevent water from rotting the wood.

Fill the bottom of the hole with gravel or other drainage material. Then top with soil and plant your flowers!

Wildlife Habitat

If nature is your love, an old tree stump can make a wildlife habitat. Stump stacks make great additions to your landscaping and garden because of the beneficial animals and insects they attract.

Frogs, toads, and garden snakes will all find a place to live in your garden stumps.

The Many Uses of a Tree Stump

If you’re removing a tree stump from your yard, don’t discard it. There are many neat landscaping ideas for an old stump, and they can transform your garden into a magical outdoor space.

Use that wood as furniture or a landscape accent. If you aren’t a skilled woodworker, turn it into a habitat to attract local wildlife to your garden. Whatever you do, don’t waste good wood.

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