Are you noticing the tell-tale signs of Dutch elm disease on your property? If you already see the symptoms, it’s past time to take care of your trees.

Whether you’re ready for a removal project or you’re trying to diagnose your elm trees’ issues, let’s discuss what this disease is and what it means for you.

What is Dutch Elm Disease?

Dutch elm disease is a crippling disease that affects Indiana’s Elm (Ulmus genus) trees in various ways. Symptoms of the disease leave as they die in large yellow swathes, dying from the tip inward.

Another major symptom is the presence of dark, almost blacks streaks and large spots reaching through the bark.

This disease is a problem for the same reason that most arboreous diseases are a problem. Beyond damaging the ecosystem, they ruin the tree’s integrity, making it a danger for nearby structures and vehicles.

What are the Causes of Dutch Elm Disease?

The disease is transferred through the elm bark beetles that invade the trees. They transfer the Dutch elm disease fungus between trees, infecting them from underneath their protective bark.

This fungus chokes out the elm tree from the inside, blocking nutrients from spreading. The elm will wilt away, unable to produce the necessary energy to sustain itself. If you catch it in time, there are many options to treat and heal your elm tree, but only if you’re regularly checking its health.

What to Do About It

There are many Dutch elm disease treatment methods available depending on the progression of the disease in the tree. If it’s caught early on, many elm owners can treat it with simple fungicide injections, boosting the tree’s immunity to fight off the fungus.

If it’s spread even further, one of our trained professionals can determine the extent of the infection and combine meticulous pruning with fungicidal injections to kill off the fungus. Here at Grace Tree Service, we give free consultations for our services, sending out one of our skilled arborists to assess the situation.

If the Dutch elm disease symptoms have spread too far for too long, the only answer is removal. Failing to remove these trees can cause damage to their surroundings and, in turn, infect nearby trees as the beetles migrate.

We also specialize in tree and stump removal! As a family-owned business, we’ve provided the best possible service in the Kokomo area for over 20 years. We do this with our specialized team, handling projects with our state-of-the-art equipment and commitment to our clients!

Let Us Take Care of Your Project!

We hope you’ve learned the importance of diagnosing your elm trees for the Dutch elm disease. Whether you need immediate removal, fungicidal injections, or would like a free consultation with one of our experts, please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!