Trees are a vital part of the global ecosystem, but unfortunately, tree removal is an important part of property maintenance. An estimated 3.5 to 7 billion trees are cut down each year, and a few of them may be in your own backyard.  When you’re in need of tree removal services, we’re here to help. If you want to hang on to all that excess timber wood, we’re happy to oblige!

Finding new ways to use the timber wood from your cut-down trees is a great way to give those trees a second life. We’ve even got some pretty great ideas about what you can do with it.

Read on for 7 surprising and fun ways that you can make use of timber wood around your home.

1. “Driftwood” Style Headboard

Headboards can make a world of difference for your bedroom. These simple but attractive structures can give any room a more “complete” look and create an elegant focal point. The problem is that store-bought headboards can get pretty pricey, especially when they’re made from solid wood.

With salvaged timber wood boards, you can put together your own “driftwood” style headboard at a fraction of the price. If you want to give it a more beachy appearance, simply use bleach wood to lighten your planks. Then, use two long pieces to nail your planks along the top and the bottom, and use those same long pieces to secure your headboard to the wall.

2. Timber Wood Fireplace Mantel

Sometimes, tree removal only leaves you with a few extra pieces. If any of those pieces are long, you can make a beautiful, rustic mantel to hang over your fireplace. All you’ll need are the brackets to adhere to the wall, which you can find in wood, steel, and other complementary materials.

Wooden fireplace mantels look great with almost any aesthetic. Whether your fireplace is made of brick, stone, or a more modern finish, your wooden mantel will give it a timeless look–and more shelf space for decor.

3. Decorative Branch Arrangements – Timber Wood

What can you do with all those branches that came down when you had your tree removed? Of course, one use is kindling for your indoor fireplace or outdoor firepit. However, tree branches can also become decorative when placed inside a vase.

In fact, the unique and almost geometric shape of natural tree branches can amplify even the most modern style. You can leave them as they are or spray paint them to add a pop of color to your home.

4. Wooden Slab Table

Wooden tables are functional and beautiful statement pieces. Whether you have a small wooden end table or a massive wooden dinner table, you’ll be amazed at how this incorporation of wood livens up any room.

In order to build a truly functional wooden slab table, you’re going to need to sand both the bottom and top of the slab. You may also want to apply a finish once the sanding is complete. This will give you a smooth, flat surface that is splinter-free and ready for use.

5. Wooden Slab Hanging Shelves

If you can’t salvage a big enough slab of timber wood to create a full table, why not create smaller slabs to create hanging shelves? Open-faced shelving is huge in interior design these days. You’ll find it in kitchens holding dishes and canisters, in living rooms holding picks and picture frames, or even in bathrooms.

To create hanging shelves from timber wood, you’ll want to saw and sand your salvaged wood until it’s about 5-12″ wide (depending on use). Length is totally up to you! Then, secure your new shelves to the walls using metal brackets, which you can find at any home improvement store.

6. Stump Removal Stool or End Table

Are there any projects out there for homeowners who are in need of stump removal? Depending on the size and integrity of your stump (or salvaged tree trunk), you may be able to get a great stool or end table out of it.

Some people prefer to sand down the sides until they’re left with a smooth, round piece of furniture. Others stick to cutting down and sanding the base and top and leaving the rest of the stump intact for a more natural appearance. If you want a taller piece of furniture, you can attach sturdy legs to the bottom–but make sure those legs can hold the weight of your stump!

7. Good Old-Fashioned Mulch

Maybe you’re not in the mood for a full-blown woodworking project, but you’re still looking for a resourceful way to use your timber wood. If that’s the case, then mulching your timber wood is the way to go.

Mulch is a crucial component in any garden. Mulch can help to retain moisture, control underground temperatures, and even protect your yard from erosion. Of course, you can mulch your garden with a wide variety of materials including straw and grass clippings, but nothing beats the functionality and appearance of good old-fashioned wood mulch.

Make Use of Your Excess Timber Wood After Tree and Stump Removal

Each year, we see quite a bit of tree loss due to larger projects like development, but also residential issues like pest invasion, rotting, and disease. With these seven projects, you can make good use of the timber wood you’re left with after tree and stump removal.

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