Trees are beautiful, life-giving, and inspiring. Having them on your property is a huge benefit.

Trees provide texture and add focal points to your yard. They add color, attract birds, and create privacy. On top of that, trees can boost the value of your home.

There are countless reasons why you should have them. But unfortunately, trees do not last forever. They have a limited lifespan. Plus, there are many ways a tree’s life span can be shortened.

As a result, you may need to remove a tree from your yard. Proactively removing a tree can help prevent damage to your yard and home.

Wondering how to tell if it’s time to hire a tree removal company to take out a tree for you? Here are the most important signs to look out for.

Too Close to Your House – Remove a Tree

Even if a tree is beautiful and healthy, it can be dangerous if it grows too close to your home. Powerful storms can knock down even the strongest of trees. It’s best if your home isn’t in their path.

And if a tree is growing over your roof, you can expect your roof to decay faster. Leaf and branch buildup on your roof can cause mold and deteriorate shingles much faster. You’ll also have clogged gutters and more animal activity on your roof.

As much as you might love the tree, your home is more important.

Too Close to a Fence

A tree that hangs over your fence can also be a liability. Not only can it fall on your fence, causing you trouble. But it can fall over your fence and potentially damage your neighbors home, car, or yard.

If a tree near your fence is also too close to your neighbor’s property, consider removing it now to avoid headaches later.

The Tree Is Dead

When a tree is dead, it’s easy to tell. Branches are bare, bark falls off easily, and there is no new growth. These trees are an eyesore to your yard.

Plus, they can become a home for many different critters that you don’t want on your property, such as raccoons or possums. Dead trees are also weak and are more likely to fall over in a storm. Best remove it now before it falls onto something else.

Looks Like It’s Going to Fall – Remove a Tree

A tree might otherwise be healthy and growing, but if it looks like it’s going to fall, it probably will at some point. Maybe it’s the entire tree growing at an angle, or a large branch looks like it could drop. Have an arborist inspect the tree to see if it should be trimmed or removed.

Tree Blocks Light or View

Sometimes trees add to the view in your yard. Other times they obstruct the view. Maybe a tree has gotten too big in recent years and it’s blocking your sunsets or keeping natural light from reaching your home.

If you’d like to reclaim that, you can have the tree removed. It’s your property. You should be able to enjoy it how you’d like to.

Obvious Decay or Disease

If a tree shows signs of decay, such as gaping holes, missing bark, or discoloration, then there’s a problem. If it’s too late, the tree will need to be removed.

However, if you catch it early enough, a professional arborist may be able to save the tree and prevent further decay.

Decay Between Large Branches

If you notice decay in between two large branches, known as a tree crotch, you might need the tree removed. The decay will weaken this critical joint of the tree and it won’t be able to support the limbs much longer.

At some point, one or both will fall. When this happens, your tree may be unstable. Either way, it won’t be aesthetically appealing anymore and will need to be removed anyway.

Unwanted Pests

Trees may attract pests that you’d rather not have in your yard. This could be squirrels who decide to nest in your tree. It could be birds, insects, or other nuisances. Having a tree removed can take care of this problem.

Too Many Leaves to Rake

Lets’ face it; most people would rather spend time watching the game on the weekend than raking leaves. If raking is taking too much time in the fall, just remember; you can have the trees removed at any time, making life easier for you.

How to Remove a Tree

Trees are complex, living organisms. You should leave removal to a professional tree removal service.

Professional arborists know how to disassemble a tree in the safest, most efficient manner. This often means starting at the top and cutting branches down to size.

This needs to be completed in specialized equipment. Never try to cut a branch or a tree while in the tree. You run the risk of weakening the tree while you are in it. Or, if a branch breaks while you are holding sharp equipment, you could get injured.

And don’t just cut the trunk of a tree, hoping it falls in the right direction. You will be putting yourself and your home in danger.

Professionals can take care of a large tree in a few hours. Play it safe and hire a tree removal company today.

Best Tree Removal Company

Grace Tree Service in Kokomo, Indiana has been serving the local area for 20 years. We have a highly trained team of professionals who can take care of any tree problems.

We can also remove pesky stumps from your yard. We are available 24 hours a day and can respond immediately in case of an emergency.

Our team is capable of removing downed trees after storms and making your yard, and our streets safe.

Remove a Tree, Save Your Home

Sometimes we remove a tree to make our yard more beautiful. Other times, we need to remove trees to keep our homes safe. Whatever the case, we can ensure the tree is removed fast without causing any damage to your home or yard.

Wondering what your tree removal cost will be? Contact us today for a free quote and let us make your yard a more enjoyable place to be.