When was the last time you thought about your garden, or the trees in your backyard? Most people don’t consider that their outdoor plants need care.  You might be wondering ‘What’s the difference between pruning vs trimming?’ Well, that’s where we come in. It’s important to know the difference because every tree is different.

We’ll explain the difference between trimming and pruning in this guide. You might even find some expert tree trimming tips.

Pruning or Trimming: Know the Difference

Despite what you might think, trimming and pruning aren’t the same thing. Tree pruning refers to selecting and removing specific branches from your tree. The goal of pruning is to remove branches you don’t want.

On the other hand, tree trimming is when you cut away overgrown plants. For example, if there are any dead or dying leaves hanging from your tree, you should remove them.

What Are the Benefits of Trimming and Pruning?

There are many benefits to trimming and pruning your trees. If you slack on taking care of them, they’ll catch a disease or die.

The benefits of pruning include:

  • Maintain your tree’s overall health
  • Keep up the appearance of your vegetation
  • Allows more sunlight to soak into your plant
  • Helps shape the tree

Tree pruning helps prevent your trees from catching a disease or becoming infested with pests. So, don’t underestimate the benefits of trimming and pruning.

What Equipment Should I Use?

You don’t always have to use the same equipment for trimming and pruning. If you’re pruning, try using hand shears or lopping shears — they work best for tree pruning.

Shears are strong and can cut through difficult branches… but, if your tree had thick branches, you might need to keep a saw handy. These are a few of the tools you can try while you’re taking care of your trees.

When it comes to tree trimming, you can use a few different tools. Shears and trimmers are great for removing stubborn branches. Likewise, you might need to keep a saw beside you while you’re working.

Which Is Better?

Neither technique is better or worse for taking care of your trees. There are many similarities between pruning and trimming. But they are both beneficial to your plant.

You don’t have to trim or prune your hedges every day. The frequency of care depends on the plant. For example, flowers that bloom in spring usually need trimming in the middle of summer.

And you should prune most summer flowers during winter and spring.

Pruning vs Trimming: What’s the Difference?

Trimming and pruning are very similar techniques. But, they both refer to different aspects of tree care. Knowing which is the best for your plant is the first step to keeping a beautiful backyard.

You don’t have to prune your trees every day. The frequency depends on the plant and when it blooms. If you don’t have time to prune or trim your trees yourself, call a tree care service.

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