Which developed country do you think experiences the most power outages? If you guessed the United States, then you’d be right! The main culprit, according to experts, is fallen trees caused by storm damage.

Power outages aren’t the only effects a strong storm can have on a community. When trees come down, a scary situation can become an emergency very fast.

Read on to learn five ways that a tree service is essential after a major storm.

1. Prevents Power Outages From Storm Damage

One of the major concerns after a storm surge is massive power outages. Without electricity, families don’t have heat. They can’t cook food, and many might not have access to freshwater.

On top of that, no electricity might mean no access to life-saving medical devices.

On an individual level, no electricity is an annoyance. On a community level, extended outages cause bigger problems. Trees that break power lines can cause:

  • Communication disruptions
  • Business closures
  • A lack of access to gas, money, and groceries
  • Food spoilage
  • Water contamination

Tree removal services can help prevent power outages by removing the problem. They can also help power companies access power lines for a faster recovery.

2. Clears Roadways for Emergency Vehicles

After a serious storm, trees on the roads can spell disaster. Not only can they cause car accidents, but they can prevent traffic from flowing, too. A tree that’s blocking the road can prevent emergency vehicles from getting to those in need.

In the worst situations, a blocked road can stop individuals from fleeing a storm.

3. Reduces Electrical Fires From Storm Damage

Wildfires have been a major concern for the past several years. From California to Australia, we’ve seen first-hand the devastation uncontrolled fires can cause.

What you might not know, though, is that downed trees can spark these massive fires. It starts when trees hit power lines. Then, the power lines fall onto nearby grass. Sparks lead to fires, and storm winds carry those fires a good distance.

4. Stops Injuries and Fatalities From Happening

Even after a storm, damaged trees pose a massive risk. Millions of individuals get injured or even killed by falling trees after a storm. Rather than getting hit by a tree, branch, or debris, call the professionals to fix the problem.

5. Halts Potential Landslides

Storms produce a lot of extra water, which can lead to landslides. If you see leaning poles and trees, there’s a good chance the ground’s saturated. Tree roots can help prevent landslides, so it’s crucial you get a professional to help.

An expert will leave the tree’s root and stump while removing heavier parts of the tree. This can help halt a potential landslide situation.

Storm Damage Recovery Made Simple

Storm damage and fallen trees can wreak havoc on a community. From power outages to electrical fires, fallen trees can do a lot more damage than you’d think.

Without a professional tree service, roadways will remain blocked. That means help might not be able to reach you when you need it most.

Are you looking for a professional tree removal service you can trust? If you’re in the Kokomo area, then we’re here to help. Contact us to discover how we can help your town thrive even after a big storm.