Trees not only produce oxygen and reduce smog, but they can also act as a natural air conditioner and even raise the value of your property.  However, if you don’t keep your trees in good shape, you could lose them. Regular pruning and trimming are important, but how often should your prune and trim trees?

Learn everything you need to know below and keep your trees strong and healthy for years to come.

Why You Should Prune Your Trees

Regular tree trimming can help prevent injuries and damage to your property by removing dead or diseased branches. These weak branches can snap and fall on people, your home, or your property.

If you notice dead branches, it’s important to have them pruned.

Pruning the tree also keeps it healthy. Removing weak and dead branches improves the tree’s strength and helps it to grow. When the new branches grow in, they’ll be thick and healthy.

If your tree is close to your home, it’s important to prevent potential problems that may arise when branches land on your roof or electrical system.

Don’t put off tree pruning until you see a problem or procrastinate when you see a dead branch. Waiting too long can cause bigger problems down the road, and these weak branches can snap during a storm or in high winds.

How Often Should You Trim Trees?

Other than pruning dead branches when you notice them, you should schedule a regular tree trimming roughly every 3-5 years. If trees are young, you should prune them every 1-2 years.

The timeframe you need to follow when you prune trees depends on the type of tree you have and also the location of the tree. For instance, conifers don’t need frequent pruning. On the other hand, fruit trees may need yearly pruning to encourage new growth.

Learning more about the type of tree you have can tell you the best times to trim trees.

If you’re not sure whether you need to cut back any branches, hire a tree trimming service to assess the situation and prune any necessary branches.

What to Do If Your Tree Is Dying

Unfortunately, trees can get sick, and diseased or dying trees present a liability. If your tree is beyond pruning and it’s time to take it out, tree removal services can remove the tree from your yard.

While it’s sad to lose a tree, you don’t want to wait to remove it. Dead trees can cause injury and property damage, and you don’t want to be liable.

Look for these signs to spot a sick tree early. Sick trees can sometimes be saved, though dead trees need removal.

Trim Trees – Keeps Them Healthy

How often you should trim trees depends on the type of tree you have and the age of the tree. You should also have dead branches removed as you spot them to prevent injury and damage.

Pruning trees every few years helps keep them healthy. If you’re not sure what type of care your tree needs, contact a tree trimming company or an arborist for advice.

If you’re in the Kokomo, IN area, and you need tree trimming or tree removal services, reach out to us today!