Did you know that 25% of tree loss in the forests is due to foreign pests and disease? This can happen to the trees in your backyard too.  Cutting a dead tree will always result in a stump that looks unsightly. It’s especially when it’s in your front yard. If you don’t know how to remove a tree stump, you might end up doing nothing about it.

Don’t give up yet.  With this guide, you’ll learn how to remove a tree stump using various methods. That way, you can clear your yard for something amazing. Read on and find out more:

Use Chemicals

Stump removal is almost labor-free if you use chemicals. The only drawback is that the process will take a long time, especially if the stump is big. That’s why in some situations, it takes a year to finish the removal process since the method involves accelerating its decay.

The good news is that the method is relatively cheap if you already own a drill and a chainsaw. After all, the chemicals used for removing tree stumps cost less than $20.

How to Remove a Tree Stump With Chemicals

When using a chemical stump remover, patience is the key. It’s because it can take at least four weeks before you see any results. It’s better than waiting without the chemicals since it takes 3-7 years for it to decay.

1. Remove Parts of the Tree Stump Aboveground

Use a chainsaw to remove the parts of the stump aboveground. Never forget to wear your protective gear. At the minimum, you must wear safety goggles and steel-toe boots to keep yourself safe.

2. Drill Holes on the Stump Remnants

When doing this, ensure that the holes are close together. Use your largest drill bit since you’ll need sizable holes. Your goal is to go as deep and as wide as possible.

3. Fill the Holes With Liquids

First, you must fill the holes with water. After that, add some potassium nitrate. Alternatives include nitrogen-rich fertilizers or stump remover granules.

4. Soak and Cover

Ensure that the area around the tree stump is damp by soaking it with water. After that, cover the area using a plastic tarp. This ensures that the moisture stays inside, hastening the rotting process.

5. Use Mulch

The mulch you’ll use to cover the tarp must be the organic type. Once you’re done, water the area once again since it will retain the moisture and soak it even more.

6. Check on the Progress

Do these checks regularly. After that, add more water and nitrogen to the tree stump. Then cover it with mulch again and sprinkle even more water.

7. Ax the Remains

After four to six weeks, the stump ideally becomes spongy. When this happens, use an ax to remove more portions of the stump. If enough becomes loose, cover it with dirt and convert it into a flower bed.

Use Manual Labor

Often, you won’t have the luxury of having enough time to get rid of the tree stump. When this happens, you must do it manually. The good news is that it’s also an inexpensive method if you already have the tools in your shed or garage.

Depending on your persistence, it could take anywhere between three and twelve hours to finish this task. But after you finish, nothing will remain. If you aren’t confident with your handyman skills, there are many experts to call upon.

How to Remove a Tree Stump Manually

This task is more labor-intensive, but it’s fast. It’s the best if you’re using it on small or medium-sized tree stumps. Anything larger requires a stump grinder.

1. Dig Around

With the broad end of the mattock, dig around the stump. This helps loosen the dirt and make the task at hand easier.

2. Remove Loose Dirt and Sever Tree Roots

To remove the dirt, use a shovel since it will help expose the underlying tree roots. After that, use either a mattock or a small bow to cut the roots from the tree stump.

3. Dig and Chop the Tree Stump

Do this until you see the taproot. Clear an area surrounding it to make it easier for you to cut through it. Use either an ax or a bow saw to finish the job.

After cutting the taproot, it’s easier for you to wiggle the tree stump around. This allows you to pull it out of the topsoil. The process takes hours, but the tree stump will be history once you finish it.

Burn the Stump

The best part of this method is that you can do it on its own or couple it with the stump removal methods above. Of course, we still recommend hiring a professional tree removal company. This not only guarantees proper stump removal but it’s also for your safety.

If you feel you can handle it on your own, start with proper preparation:

1. Prep the Stump

First, you must drill some holes in the stump before sprinkling some powdered tree stump removal products within. This makes the wood more porous.

2. Put Kerosene or Fuel Oil

Pour these chemicals into the holes and soak the tree stump. This enables the porous wood to better absorb the fuel. That way, it will be easier for it to catch fire later.

3. Ignite the Stump

Regardless of your method, get the tree stump burning and let it stay that way. Keep a close watch to ensure that the flame will smolder for a long time. After the fire chars the tree stump into ashes, cover its remnants with topsoil to put out any remaining fire.

Burning the stump is a relatively fast method for removal. To avoid complications with your neighbors, ask around, and determine whether you can use kerosene to ignite the tree stump.

Remove a Tree Stump Today!

These are some of the best methods on how to remove a tree stump. Use these methods to efficiently remove any stump in your yard, regardless of their size.

Do you need professional help in removing dead trees or stumps? If so, contact us today and let us work together to remove your problem.