Your garden is never complete without trees as these beautiful works of nature enhance the beauty of your landscape. Trees also ensure fresh air and beautiful shade in your home. But sometimes trees can become a nuisance.

Think of those dead trees looking ugly in your garden. What about the branches going up to your roof or roots threatening to damage your foundation?

Like planting, tree removal decision is also something you cannot escape at some point. When they become problematic, you have no option but to act quickly. But how much do tree removal cost?

Read this article to find out the cost of tree removal to prepare yourself well before starting the project.

Tree Removal Cost Factors

There are several factors to keep in mind when cutting a tree. These factors include tree size, species, and the condition of the tree. It costs differently to remove a tree that’s already fallen. If you need specific branches removed, it’ll also attract different costs.

Stump removal also attracts different costs. Some tree removers will price you per hour or per stump. A tree removal calculator can help you come up with a specific budget for this.

Cost for Cutting Down a Tree

The cost of cutting down a tree ranges from $150 for small trees to $2000 for more complex and large trees. This cost is affected by factors such as height, complexity, and the condition of the tree. Dead trees will cost less than live ones because they’re easier to remove.

There are also known elements of the tree, such as complex branches that can affect the cost of cutting down a tree. Sizing of the tree is another critical factor that will determine how much you spend on the job. Removing an oak tree differs from the cost of removing a crabapple tree, even if they’re of the same size.

Small Tree Removal Cost

A tree up to 30 feet tall is grouped under small and needs about $150 to $400 to remove depending on the species. For your tree to fall under this price, it should have smaller trunks and less complicated branches. When all these factors are checked, the small tree removal will take only a few hours.

Medium Tree Cost of Removal

A tree between 30 to 60 feet tall is categorized under medium and will cost around $450 to $700 to remove. These trees can have slightly large trunks or about 15 to 20 inches. They’ll need more work to remove hence cost a little more than small trees. Trees that fall under this category are red maple, red oak, copper wood, and crabapple.

The Cost of Removing Large Tree

These trees range from 60 to 100 feet and attract an average cost of $900 to $1,200 to remove. They have more than 20 inches and require more labor to complete the removal process.

These trees may even take a whole day to cut down and remove as they can be complex. Removing large and tall trees also involves a lot of dangers. Companies will include the risks of tree removal when computing the costs.

The Cost of Removing Fallen Tree

Fallen trees don’t cost much to remove. This is because you’ll not need to go through the process of cutting it down. There are also lesser risks involved in removing a fallen tree as it will not fall on structures or hit the workers.

These trees cost an average of $75 to $150 for the removal work.

The cost will also depend on the trunk diameter, tree length, and the branches’ complexity. They may attract additional tree removal charges for stump removal, pruning, and site clearing process.

Dead Tree Removal Cost

A dead tree in your compound looks ugly and out of place. But the good news is that they’re less expensive to remove as they weigh less. They have no complex branches and require no pruning to remove.

Dead tree removal cost ranges from $75 to $400 depending on how hard it is, the trunk size, and other factors.

Tree Stump Removal Cost

Many people are not comfortable with the tree stump remaining on the property after cutting down the tree. Removal of the stump attracts a different cost than that of removing the entire tree. The cost of stump removal can start as low as under $50 to as much as $800.

Like other tree removals, stump removal also depends on additional factors such as the size of the diameter. The large root system or complex tree location can also affect the cost of stump removal. Many tree removers don’t usually include the cost of stump removal in the average tree removal price.

Tree Branches Removal Cost

If you only need the removal of the tree branches, you’ll pay differently for that. People will require tree branches removed if they interfere with power lines or reach up to your roof.

For removing trees that interfere with power lines, you’ll give your utility company a call, and they’ll do it at no cost. For other reasons, you’ll need to hire a tree removal company. The costs may range from $200 to $300 per hour.

If your tree has a lot of branches, the costs will be up. Other factors that will affect cost include the complexity of the branches, the height of the tree, and the size of the branches.

Tree Removal Costs Involve a Lot

Computing the average tree removal cost is not easy; there are so many factors that affect this. Apart from the size, complexity, and condition of the tree, there are various additional factors that tree removal companies will look at. Factors such as location, accessibility, emergency, etc. can also affect the cost.

If you need additional services such as clearing, you’ll also pay extra. The company may also need to acquire a permit to remove the tree, depending on your state. This also attracts additional charges.

Ensure you get a reliable tree removal company to give you a complete quote of the project and do a good job. Grace Tree Service is one of such companies. Contact us today, and let’s calculate your tree removal costs together and come up with a fair deal.