Launching a construction project is a big undertaking. Even before construction begins, there’s a lot of preparatory work to be done. Whether you’re building a private residence on the property you’ve purchased, or you’re planning a largescale commercial development, it’s important to properly clear a site before starting your build.

As you prepare your property for construction, here are seven helpful companies you might need to call for assistance with site clearing.

1. Civil Engineering Firm

If you need to grade and slope your property prior to construction, you’ll call in a civil engineering firm to do the work. Grading and sloping create a level base for building and is required if the property’s existing soil is below the elevation of your planned structure. It’s possible that fill dirt is needed to level your land for construction.

Grading is an important step in preparing your site for a new build. If it’s off, this could lead to significant problems for you down the road. You might experience water from rain or other sources backing up and pooling close to your home. You might also face foundation problems, including cracking, shifting, or settlement. And getting water in your foundation could cause rot and mold.

2. Tree and Stump Removal

As you design a construction plan for your property, you need to survey the land and decide which vegetation needs to be removed. You might have trees, bushes, and other large plants in the area where you plan to build. To prepare the land for construction, you’ll need to call in a tree removal company.

After cutting down the trees in question, they’ll then remove the stumps, including the roots. This is an integral piece of the site clearing process, paving the way for your new construction.

3. Pest Control Services

As you clear any site for a new build, you’ll want to consult a pest control professional even before construction begins. Before a single slab or piece of wood is put in place, you should pre-treat the soil to handle termites and other pests. This can help prevent a future infestation of your building.

A pest control company can also help you monitor the site for potential pests throughout construction. And they’ll likely assess your property, searching for water sources, which can attract bugs and wildlife.

4. Surveyor

Before most construction projects begin, a land surveyor is brought in for site planning. Their primary job is measuring and assessing the property.

In addition to determining boundary lines, they’ll also prepare property maps noting the location of various infrastructure. This will be useful when construction starts, so you know which items should be cleared and which should remain.  These items will be carefully delineated on the maps they create.

Surveyors also review the topography of your property. They can tell you where the land slopes, where grading and fill might be needed to make way for your build.

5. Soil Testing Services

One of the first steps you’ll take when preparing a site for construction is soil testing. Soil is collected from the property at various depths and brought to a laboratory, where a soil profile is created. These tests will reveal the make-up of the soil, how much rock and gravel are present. It will also test for chemicals, as well as the stability of the soil and moisture content. Essentially, these tests determine the suitability of the soil for construction.

This testing establishes the bearing capacity of your property’s soil and whether it can support the foundation of your building. It also determines how the construction will be completed, dictating how deep your foundation needs to be.

6. Demolition Crew

In some cases, when you plan a new build on your property, there might already an existing building there. You’ll need to demolish and remove the old structure before beginning a new project. For this, you’ll contract a demolition crew for the job.

Whether you’re demolishing a separate garage, a home, or a commercial building, a demolition crew will evaluate the size of the structure, how it’s built, and what it’s made of to determine how best to bring it down. In some cases, they might use explosives to implode it or a high-reach arm to break up the building. In other cases, a wrecking ball might make the most sense when demolishing a building.

7. Debris Removal

As you clear your site and prepare your property for construction, you’ll need to dispose of the debris created during this process. For this job, you’ll hire a professional junk removal company to safely handle waste disposal. The waste they might haul could be everything from trimmed or removed trees and shrubs, excavated materials, or debris produced when demolishing old structures.

Debris removal at a construction site is different from day-to-day garbage picked up at a home or even a commercial entity. This work creates large pieces of waste material that need to be handled delicately, and, in some cases, could be toxic or hazardous. Companies that specialize in this type of junk removal have the equipment needed for the job, such as roll-off dumpsters.  

Ready to Start the Site Clearing Process?

If you’re ready to begin the site clearing process, contact our team for all your tree removal needs. Grace Tree Service offers tree and stump removal and has a full fleet of vehicles – bucket trucks, stump removers, and cranes – to handle any job. Let us help you prepare your property for new construction and your next project.