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Cutting Down Trees: The Process of Tree Removal Explained

Towering trees add life to your property until one day, they pose a threat to your safety or the integrity of your home. Picture this: a tree you once admired for its shade and beauty now looms dangerously over your roof, weakened by disease or damaged by a recent...

Should You Mulch Around Trees in Spring, and How to Do It?

Homeowners in the United States spend an average of 70 hours per year on gardening. Amidst the countless tasks that fill these hours, one crucial aspect often overlooked is mulching around trees. As we approach spring, the significance of this practice becomes even...

Ways to Prevent and Identify Dangerous Tree Mold and Fungus

When dealing with a plant pest problem, it's better not to be too aggressive with treatment. After all, environmental conditions can change, and pest damage is often just surface-level. Now, if you don't have a pest issue but are worried about tree mold or fungi, how...

Tree Health Assessment: How to Ensure Your Trees Stay Healthy

There are more than 640 different species of trees in the world, all of which enhance nature and our environment. If cared for properly, trees can live for decades. One way to ensure that your trees stay as healthy as possible is to get a tree health assessment done....

Can a Half-Dead Tree Be Saved? Dos and Don’ts of Saving a Struggling Tree

A lightning strike can be up to a million volts, with temperatures as high as 36,032°F (20,000°C). Unsurprisingly, this can cause tremendous harm to a tree. The effects vary, but in one instance, sap converts to steam and explodes. Another kind of arboreal injury is...

Storm Damage Tree Removal: Why You Need to Hire the Professionals

Storms come with various hazards, but the cleanup is also dangerous. There are hidden dangers, like mold, moving heavy objects, and chainsaw-wielding. Mold can cause respiratory issues, and moving weighty items may lead to back strain and other injuries. Improper...

Top 6 Benefits of Hiring Branch Removal Services

It's estimated that over 36,000 people suffer chainsaw injuries in the U.S. every year. That's a scary number, especially if you are considering cutting branches from your trees yourself. This is why it's highly recommended to call in a tree removal service when you...

Tree Felling Guide: Why Do Trees Sometimes Need to Be Felled?

Trees are an important part of maintaining the world's ecosystem and releasing oxygen into the air. They can help your yard look more vibrant, and they really help to fill out larger yards. However, they aren't always welcome in most yards and can sometimes cause...

3 Signs a Leaning Tree Needs to Be Removed

Trees are one of the most important parts of our natural world. They clean air, filter water, and provide natural habitats for animal wildlife and other plants. Having trees in your yard boosts curb appeal, but a leaning tree can quickly become dangerous. Read on for...

6 Signs You Need to Hire Tree Emergency Services

Just like everything natural in this world, trees have both good and bad aspects to them. They are an integral part of our environment, providing beauty, shade, and a myriad of ecological benefits. However, there are times when these majestic giants need urgent...

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