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The Importance of Tree Trimming for Storm Damage Prevention

2020 and 2021 set new records in terms of weather and climate disasters. In recent years, the US has seen tornadoes, cyclones, and severe weather events across the country. Tragically, they caused 688 direct or indirect fatalities. You might not see all of these...

The Best Tree Stump Removal Method for Your Situation

You can find thousands of tree removal companies in the U.S., but did you know that 49.8% of their work is residential? Homeowners hire companies to trim, prune, and remove trees when needed. In fact, you might need to hire a tree company if you want to remove a stump...

Tree Care Near Me: Common Tree Care Myths

Do you know what the most common myths about caring for trees are?  Trees are often more complex than people give them credit for. As a result, you can get a lot of sage advice from friends and neighbors that is outdated or misinformed. Following it could be deadly...

How Long Does It Take for Tree Stumps to Rot?

Can you believe that there are over 3 trillion trees spread across the planet?   While trees are necessary, they don't live forever. When trying to landscape your yard, for instance, you might have encountered one or more tree stumps.  These can occur naturally or...

10 Advantages of Hiring Professional Tree Services in Kokomo, Indiana

Get ready for a shocker...Kokomo isn't a tropical paradise as portrayed in the classic Beach Boys song. In reality, Kokomo is a city in central Indiana, far from the Florida Keys. Catchy songs aside, most experienced homeowners understand the importance of...

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Tree and Stump Removal Services Company

When it comes to hiring a service for tree and stump removal, you don't want to hire the wrong company. Trees can cause a lot of damage to your home and yard, so if you are not careful, you'll be looking at more expenses than you originally thought. If you are ready...

The Benefits of Tree Stump Removal

While cutting down a large tree close to your house can help prevent damage to your home, stump removal is never part of the tree-cutting process. The remaining stump is usually a permanent fixture in the ground and can be unappealing. Apart from ruining your yard's...

How Does Tree Stump Grinding Work?

When your favorite tree falls over in a windstorm, you're left with a tragedy and a mess. Gone are the memories of your kids climbing the tree, swinging from its branches, and enjoying the shade under it.  Even worse, you're left with the cleanup of massive limbs....

3 Signs of a Decayed Tree (And What to Do About It!)

More than 100 people die each year due to falling trees. This number doesn't include those injured by falling trees or the amount of property damage. One common cause of these types of incidents is a decayed tree. But, how do you prevent these types of injuries and...

The Ultimate Guide on What to Do if a Tree Falls on Your House

Five years ago, an EF3 tornado touched down in Kokomo, doing $10 million worth of damage.  Storms and tornadoes can take a toll on your Indiana home, especially if you have a dead or sick tree in your yard. Trees that land on your house can do a significant amount of...

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